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Vim stuff

The site is outdated. Please use google site instead

Vim is the greatest editor ever.

Vim runtime files

Here you'll find the most recent versions of the Scheme-related runtime files for Vim (thanks to Dirk van Deun and Dorai Sitaram for handing over maintaintership on these files)

My current work

  • Embedding the MzScheme interpreter in Vim. See the Scheme section.
  • Integrating PLT documentation with the Vim help system. See the Scheme section too

My past work

I have ported Vim's Cscope interface to Win32 and have added the 'cscopequickfix' feature. But you may freely contact me not only with Win32 isssues. Cscope for Win32 can be obtained from the Cscope section.
I have adapted Vim's Netbeans interface for Win32 too. You can use the Netbeans interface with Agide
Download LibXPM-win32 if you plan to compile Vim for use with Netbeans.

Readable fixed-width font

I couldn't find good readable font on Windows, so I took free cyrillic fonts from "ru-X11-3.3" the FreeBSD port and converted some of them to .fon format and to CP1251 encoding (long story about how to do it ;))
And you can download it! After installation, you'll get fonts with the names ke7x14, ke8x13, ke8x16, ke8x15, ke8x18 (if you look at the "Select font dialog"; in "Fonts" control panel you'll see only ke7x14). If you use non-Cyrillic 8-bit encoding, these fonts will be probably useless for you, if you don't want to edit them yourself. :(Look at this font with Vim.


And this is my colorscheme Northsky-0.4.

The normal and diffsplit screenshots. It is soft and has high contrast. Also note that the background is not black. It's mostly for GUI and I use it for both Windows and X Window. Although it has some terminal support.

Script for character encoding detection

Currently works only for russian, requires perl 5.8 or later (you can try 5.6.1 with package 'Encode' installed) and Vim compiled with the perl feature.

The technology is similar to that used in FAR filemanager .- character frequency distribution table.

I currently have no time to put it in a form suitable for the Vim site, but it works very well. You can download it here.

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